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Get off the grid with  Sufficient.

What we do

Whether you're concerned about climate change, or you want to embrace a truly independent lifestyle, it's a great time to have some off grid options. Sufficient builds modern, modular cabins (we call them Studios) that can be assembled almost anywhere. And we outfit those Studios with custom energy, water, and waste systems using clever software that matches components like solar panels, batteries and rainwater harvesting to your local climate and resource constraints. The result is a compact yet comfortable off-grid experience that can support you in style for occasional weekends, or for months at a time.


We build small, sustainable, energy-efficient Studios that are designed to be completely off-grid and autonomous. Our innovative panelized building system can be assembled by two people using simple tools in a couple of days.


Sufficient Studios can be outfitted with customized solar, wind, water, waste, and living systems capable of harvesting enough resources to enable full- or part-time off-grid living based on a detailed analysis of your proposed studio location.


One size doesn't fit all when it comes to off-grid systems. So we created smart software that can analyze local climate patterns and recommend energy, water and waste systems that take best advantage of your available resources.

Get started

We're currently taking reservations for delivery in 2023. Give us your name, email and your proposed Studio location, and we'll start the process by analyzing your local off-grid potential. Note that we are currently servicing only the US market for Studios.

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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