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With everything going on in the world - it's a great time to be self-sufficient. Sufficient studios are designed to be completely off-grid and autonomous, with optional systems capable of harvesting enough energy and water to provide a comfortable stay almost anywhere. Sufficient Studios also make ideal ADUs or short-term rentals via Airbnb or other platforms, commanding $200 a night or more near urban areas.


Our compact, 12'x16' (192 ft2) Studio1 is ideal for 1-2 people, but can sleep 4 very good friends in a pinch. Optional kitchenette, composting toilet, shower and wood stove provide creature comforts.


Multiple Studios can be combined to provide more living space, and their small footprint may not require a building permit in some places - but it’s up to you to verify that with your local building department. The base price of a Studio1 is USD $53K.


Unique modular, panelized design permits quick, two-person assembly with simple tools, and ships flat-packed to most of the continental USA. Double-glazed, full-sized sliding door, and 2 x 36” sliding windows provide a light, airy feel to the interior, while rigid foam insulation throughout achieves thermal efficiency.

There are several simple foundation options, including pressure-treated wood skid, concrete piers, or a poured concrete slab. That's also up to you.


Choice of basic black or natural (rough cedar) exterior siding. Choice of  natural wood grain, or arctic white interior finish. Optional modular front and rear decks are available to extend your living space.


Sufficient Studios are manufactured using sustainable materials and renewable energy, and are available for US delivery (to accessible locations) from our production facilities in the Northwestern and Northeastern USA.

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