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One size does not fit all when it comes to off-grid systems. Sufficient has developed smart software that tailors Studio systems to your local environment and specific needs.

Keep in mind that off-grid studios need light, air and water, so hiding them in deep woods, etc. may limit their ability to harvest energy and support you in style.


​Sufficient Studios are designed to be completely off-grid, harvesting power directly from the the sun and wind whenever possible. Available options for energy and storage include:

  • Custom solar and/or wind power with appropriate charge controller.

  • Lithium battery storage sized to match your local climate via energy demand analysis (see software).

  • 2500W AC inverter with standard 120V + USB power plugs.

Water / Waste

Sufficient Studios are also designed to harvest and store rainwater (or to generate water in arid climates) and to produce potable water for drinking and cooking, and for showers:​

  • Optional rainwater harvesting and storage with integrated filtration and pumps for sink and (optional) shower.

  • Optional fully-enclosed interior restroom, with a locking door, storage cabinet and sink.


​Whether you're spending a weekend, or a month, Sufficient Studios can be equipped with most of the comforts of home in a small, cozy package. Optional systems include: 

  • Modular kitchen with electric sink, induction (or butane) cooktop and mini-fridge (or insulated cooler).

  • Interior LED pendant and/or atmospheric strip lighting.

  • Twin daybed/couch that converts to an actual king-size bed with storage below.

  • Wood-burning stove for colder climates and/or fireplace vibes.

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